About Us

Traders and Farmers Bank was chartered in 1906 and has operated continuously since. During those years, the bank has added six branches in Winston County, one branch in Marion County and a branch in Walker County. Traders and Farmers Bank has full service branches in the communities of Haleyville, Double Springs, Addison, Arley and Lynn in Winston County, the town of Bear Creek in Marion County and the unincorporated development of Curry in Walker County. The Bank also operates limited service drive-thru facilities in Haleyville and Double Springs. The bank has centralized bookkeeping, general ledger, audit and data processing operations in the E. F. Walker Operations facility in Haleyville. The bank also operates 5 ATM facilities: one each in the communities of Haleyville, Double Springs, Addison, Arley and Curry.

Traders and Farmers Bank is the oldest continuous service bank in Winston County and has been located in each of its communities longer than its competitors. In these communities, the Bank is respected for its conservative approach to financial matters, its dedication to community, sound local leadership, and exemplary service. This reputation is a product of 100 plus years of employee and managerial devotion to developing and safeguarding the name of Traders and Farmers Bank as the financial institution of choice for the people of this area.


Name Title
Will Walker President & Chairman of the Board
E.F. Walker, Jr. Vice Chairman of the Board
Rickey McCreless Chief Executive Officer
Bret Whiteside Senior Vice President
Billy McNutt Executive Vice President
Albert Partridge President, Addison, Arley, and Curry Branches & Information Technology System Administrator
Donny Hood Executive Vice President
Eddie Glasgow Executive Vice President
Sharon Harris Executive Vice President & Manager, Addison Branch
Rita Pearson Executive Vice President & Manager, Double Springs Branch
Gary Hargett Vice President
Randal Foster Vice President – Operations
Linda Moody Vice President – Double Springs Branch
Teresa Martin Vice President – Compliance
Allen Owens Vice President & Manager, Arley Branch
Melissa Privett Vice President & Manager, Curry Branch
Jason Stewart Vice President & Information Technology Manager